Smartphones, tablets, VR, laptops, and other big product releases of 2017

The heavy hitters of the tech industry that are once again expected to bring to the table some interesting innovations.

Last year brought to the world mainstream VR devices, smartphones without headphone jacks and tablets powerful enough to work similar to laptops.

But with that year now squarely in the rear view mirror, it’s now time to look ahead to this year’s new arrivals, and recent rumors are hinting that smartphones will again be worth paying attention to.

Specifically, it’s the heavy hitters of the tech industry that are once again expected to bring to the table some interesting innovations via their new flagship offerings.

The new Apple and Samsung smartphones are expected to feature significantly different looks, especially when compared to their predecessors, and yet, interestingly enough, rumors are suggesting that they may end up resembling each other quite a bit.

The rumors swirling around these two devices are indicating that they may both have front displays that also feature minimized top and bottom borders, giving users, even more, screen to work with.

That such a significant feature is apparently something both companies are trying to produce this year is a curious coincidence, and if these rumors pan out, then it will be worth seeing which smartphone may have put forth the better version of this particular innovation.

Also for those who were disappointed by a somewhat underwhelming year put forth by Microsoft in 2016, rumblings are hinting that 2017 will be better and more bountiful.

Microsoft is currently expected to refresh their Surface lineup this year, with a new tablet and laptop supposedly on the way, though there could be one other device that may be even more intriguing.

The mythical Surface Phone that is almost entirely unknown is supposedly on its way, and if things go well, it may even make its grand debut this year.

When it comes to the rest of this year, the new technological offerings that may help define it could be some very interesting smartphones.