Smartphones aren’t just ubiquitous now; you can argue that they are genuine necessities for millions of people all over the world.

It’s hard to think back to the time when these portable powerhouses weren’t around to provide some of the luxuries people can now easily take for granted and it’s even easier to overlook how much they have also evolved over the years.

As much as they have advanced already, these smartphones are by no means done changing, and for this year, rumors within the tech industry are hinting that the upcoming releases will be different in significant ways from their predecessors.

Specifically, the new flagship smartphones that Apple and Samsung may release this year could have some unfamiliar-looking displays.

Rumors are indicating that the two heavyweights of the smartphone industry could release new devices that come with mostly bezel-free screens.

The bezels on those older smartphones are not just there for cosmetic reasons, so if both Apple and Samsung are planning to get rid of them, then other design changes may be necessitated as well.

How Apple and Samsung approach and execute their visions matter greatly for the industry. Since they are among, if not, the biggest inhabitants of the industry, what they do gets plenty of attention.

If both companies are able to successfully pull off the bezel-less smartphones, then it likely won’t be long before other competitors follow suit.

The question now is whether the public will be welcoming of this significant change or if they want to cling to the familiar facades of smartphones past.

The numbers will be the ones that tell the story and predict the future, so these bezel-less smartphones may not just be starring this year, they could also be the ones that will be flooding the marketplace in the many years to come.