New smartphones and laptops are what people typically look out for in terms of tech releases, but beyond just the gadgets, there are other tech releases that are worthy of attention as well.

Just like in years past, the titans of the tech industry are expected to release new operating systems or perhaps revamped versions of already existing ones for people to use.

As for what these new pieces of software will provide in terms of additional features, that sadly cannot be confirmed at this point, given that the developers have not yet announced a release or arrival date. However, latest developments could give people an idea of what features they can count on seeing.

For instance, while interest in VR and AR may have waned somewhat since the last few months of 2016, it’s unlikely that software developers will just abandon pursuits in these fields of technology just yet. Still, the big VR or AR-based innovations may not be coming out just yet and it may take years before these are ready for wider usage.

Now, improved VR and AR features are nice, but they also seem to be more luxuries than necessities at this point in time.

In lieu of those flashy additions, people would probably prefer that new operating systems bring more security upgrades and even energy-efficiency improvements.

These are the more practical upgrades that device owners routinely want to see, and for what it’s worth, developers have done a solid job of getting them out frequently, though some would contend that the battery-saving features available now still aren’t enough.

People will constantly be seeking those operating system improvements that can finally liberate them from their chargers for days at a time, and while such a feature is unlikely to arrive this year, a step towards it could still be made accessible via the soon-to-be-released operating systems.